One-on-One and Group Mentorship/Coaching for Creative Artists who are Ready to Soar

Kate offers group and one-on-one mentorship and coaching to any and all creative artists who are ready to shed habits not working for them to allow them to become the most prosperous creatives they can be.  (online sessions and some in-person sessions in Palm Springs, CA)

Kate has garnered a wealth of life, business and entertainment industry experience that she shares with clients ranging from actors, writers and emerging producers. 

Since co-authoring The Responsible Artist, Kate has received many requests for mentorship from fellow creatives seeking improvement in all areas of life. 

Kate's question to all interested mentorship/coaching clients is:

'What's got YOU stuck?'. 

From here the fun begins! 

Interested in putting together a group or in joining an existing group that is being led by Kate and often The Responsible Artist co-author David Wolfe? 

Click here to contact Kate!